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Indigo Dyeing, Handloom, Khadi, Block Print, Natural Dye, Handmade

About Us

Anhad means ‘limitless’. It is an eternal resonance that transcends space and time, a sound that has no beginning or end…

Anhad craft- the story of sustainability. The soul of Anhad is identified with Khadi, hand spun & hand woven, hand block & screen printed, and hand stitched home textiles. These products are fresh new stories from the wise age old timeless crafts. Each unique piece is like an icon that takes you to another place, another time, another story… 

Anhad believes in meticulous craft to create a truly unique feel. We individually hand craft each piece so you will notice areas of missing print or overlaps, do not stress! These nuances are intentional and are meant to add to the character and finish.

Khadi, Handwoven, Indigo, Anhad, Handmade, Handspun, Block Print, Shibori, Handloom, Natural Dye, Towel

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Tel: +91 9313 747 269  |  +91 9811 112 578

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