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Tingling the chord between heritage and modern

Anhad Khadi celebrates and glorifies the legacy of ancient techniques to craft its textile. Materials and surfaces are rehabilitated to make the products experiential.  The designs reflect a contemporary vibe. Anhad Khadi integrates sustainable practices, works with local craft communities ensuring ethical partnership and authenticity. The diverse techniques borrowed are slow in nature but renders unparalleled emotions and  a sense of nostalgia to the product.

Anhad creates its fabric in villages around India, some grow their own cotton. The fabric is then translated into products in-house. This ensures quality control and increased lifespan of the product.

Quality Control

Creating Gender Balance

Having an in-house block printing, stitching, tailoring and embroidery unit gives employment to many women and men. For few women it's their first job and a chance to be financially independent. They get introduced to various techniques and experimental textile.

Healthy Work Environment

At Anhad wellbeing of colleagues is of utmost importance and we make sure that they work in non-hazardous environments with no forced or child labour involved.

Fair Price Practice

At Anhad we work with our vendors in a participatory way. We ensure to pay mutually agreed prices considering the sustainability in market.  

Towards Sustainability

It is made sure that all the waste fabric is used in products. With customisation available we work closely with our customers and give them what exactly they want without any wastage. All fabric waste if any gets reused, remodelled and adapted into various products.

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